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Accommodations Tax

The Chambers oppose any bill which attempts to de-earmark or diminish the tourism promotion fund. The Chambers support the concept of the additional 3% accommodation tax levied in 2003 being dedicated to tourism promotion through a formula agreed upon by the Department of Commerce Promotion Division, CVB’s, Tourism Regions and Tourism partners.

Tourism BID

The Chambers support the current law as written and passed in the 2007 session. It allows for Tourism Business Improvement Districts that enable communities to widen and increase their ability to tailor a comprehensive tourism promotion program for their community. The Chambers oppose any attempt to modify the TBID enabling law needs.

Business Equipment Tax

The Chambers support continuing reduction and elimination of the business equipment (personal property) tax as a part of a statewide tax reform package.

Income Tax

The Chambers believe Montana’s income tax should be based on federal taxable income, rather than federal adjusted gross income. Montana’s tax should be competitive with that of surrounding states. Additionally, the Chambers support the extension of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit as it currently exists.

Corporate Tax Records

The Chambers strongly believe that corporate and individual income tax records should only be viewed by employees of the Department of Revenue and oppose any exchange of this information among state agencies.

Capital Gains

The Chambers support legislative efforts to reduce the Montana tax rate on capital gains.

Coal Trust

The Chambers support continued use of Coal Tax Trust Funds for economic development of our state. One example is to fund revolving loan funds for expansion and growth of established businesses. The Chambers recommend maintaining the current funding formula.


The Chambers support finding an equitable compromise to the recent federal estate tax legislation. We support keeping the current rate after the 2012 sunset.

Big Box Tax

The Chambers are opposed to a progressive receipts tax (Big Box Tax) and are also opposed to a gross receipts tax.

Realty Transfer Tax

 The Chambers oppose the creation of a realty transfer tax.