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LRTP - East Broadway Reconfiguration

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Background: The Transportation Policy Coordination Committee (TPCC) of the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for prioritizing both the transportation projects and programs in the Missoula urbanized area and federal funding for those activities. 

TPCC voted to approve the project list and to adopt the 2012 Long Range Transportation Plan Update (LRTP) at its January 15, 2013 meeting.  There are two projects recommended for funding in this plan that may affect local businesses:

Higgins/Broadway Reconfiguration Study:  This study would precede any changes to the East Broadway corridor and would assess the feasibility of multiple alternatives to improve access and safety for all users. This study will consider narrowing East Broadway to three lanes as one possible alternative. This study would involve extensive outreach to all stakeholders, including local businesses.

East Broadway Reconfiguration (Orange Street to Madison Street):  This project would implement the recommended alternative from the feasibility study described above.  The adopted Downtown Master Plan describes the following recommended improvements for East Broadway:  maintaining a four-lane section, preserving off street parking, and adding protected bike lanes on the south side of the street or standard bike lanes from Van Buren Street to the Bitterroot Spur line. This Master Plan recommendation would be evaluated through the feasibility study.

Chamber Action to Date:  Chamber staff contacted businesses on and near East Broadway to share with them information regarding these two projects and the LRTP process.  

Results:  The Chamber's efforts to provide information to the business community increased awareness and prompted representatives from local businesses to attend TPCC meetings.

Next Steps: The Chamber will monitor the progress of these two LRTP projects.   

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